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Why Choose Defining REalty Co?

* Upfront Costs and Fees

 Unlike other sales people, we are upfront about our commissions and costs to you. This isn't about how much we can "get" from you. We start off our relationship with the intent to help you with likaley your largest financial asset. NOT try to negotiate our fees for our best interest. We break down the true cost of the sale with a seller's net sheet. Real Estate Sales Class 101- Get as much commission and price the house as low as you can??? Really?!? This is who is going to genuinely help you?

* The MLS (Multiple Listing Service

The MLS is by far the most powerful tool when selling a home. Our local MLS hosts almost all of the homes for sale in the area. Every real estate office has access to the MLS, we all have access to the same websites, including and Zillow. NO office has any elcustity to these sites. If you're listed on the MLS your home will appear on everyones elses MLS enabled website. This gives the smaller brokerages the same advantages as all the others. No one cares whose face is on the sign, or what color it is. Buyers are looking for information on the homes they are interested in.

* Professional Photography

I can not begin to tell you how many real estate people take terrible pictures of their homes. It's rather astonishing to see pictures of an unmade bed, dirty dishes in the sink, crooked photos of the front of the house, and dark pictures with burned out light bulbs. We take the extra time to help get the home ready for the marketplace. By using pro pictures, we put our best possible foot forward when marketing the home. Pictures are without a doubt the single most important tool in home sales.

* Seller Satisfaction 

Our seller satisfaction motto sets us apart from other real estate companies. We don’t have any hidden fees, nothing due upfront, 100% customer satisfaction or cancel anytime! By doing this we find our customers return with in the future for all their real estate needs to a company they trust.

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